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Site Invents Moving Pro-LGBT Obama Speech for 'Legalize Love' Campaign

Site Invents Moving Pro-LGBT Obama Speech for 'Legalize Love' Campaign

A good message is one that sticks. And that's the case with new "Legalize Love" bumper stickers touting Obama's reelection and his support for marriage equality.

A group plans to giveaway 100,000 free "Legalize Love" bumper stickers via its website with the "o" in "love" replaced by the Obama 2012 campaign logo.

To promote the giveaway, the website produced a video spot that edits together excerpts about LGBT rights from Obama's speeches. The final product sounds like a powerful stump speech that the president hasn't actually delivered. And lesbian and gay couples from all walks of life recite it in unison with him.

The first 10,000 bumper stickers are already accounted for, and the founders hope to raise money for more — which includes a word makeover for "Legalize Love" tank tops, wristbands with "Love" printed on them, and buttons with the message, "I do support marriage equality."

“The President is sticking up for our families and our free 'Legalize Love' Obama bumper stickers are our way of literally ‘sticking up’ for him in this tight election,” said Eduardo Cisneros, who co-directed the video spot with his boyfriend Luke Montgomery. “The LegalizeLove.com website and campaign video are our way of saying ‘I do’ to his re-election. It’s all about bumpers for Barack.”

Watch the video below.

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