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Why We Need Law to Relieve Effects of HIV Meds

A Massachusetts bill could offer medical insurance relief to people with lipodystrophy, the stigmatizing signature of early HIV medications.

Dual Current

Current TV's dynamic duo Max and Jason take on gay issues on their next installment of one of the network's flagship shows.

Whither NLGJA?

The leading professional organization for LGBT journalists is facing a crisis that threatens its very survival. In a changing media landscape and a tough economy, how does a small nonprofit live up to its mission and retain members?

Trevor Project Scores Big With Cracked Xmas

California's passage of the same-sex marriage ban Proposition 8 was a recurring theme running through Cracked Xmas 11, the annual holiday fund-raiser for the teen help line the Trevor Project. Newly out comedian Wanda Sykes got a standing O, Anne Hathaway auctioned herself off for a night of drinking, and Fantasia stomped her way through the audience in song.

Separation of Sundance and State

In 2009, Sundance will celebrate 25 years of bringing together international cinema and a variety of cultures in Park City, Utah. But with California's gay community reeling from the passage of Prop. 8, activists and filmmakers are suggesting a boycott of the festival and theater chain Cinemark, whose CEO donated a substantial sum to the marriage ban's campaign. But just how realistic is a boycott of an entire state?

Dr. Phil Weighs in on Prop. 8 gets an early peek at a very heated episode of Dr. Phil. Gavin Newsom, HRC's Joe Solmonese, and L.A. attorney Gloria Allred face off against Prop. 8 supporters to talk same-sex marriage. In what may well be a first, Dr. Phil told the audience he would be keeping his opinions to himself.

Side of Guac. With Your Hate?

L.A. eatery El Coyote, long known for attracting a heavily LGBT client base, is facing the heat now that bloggers have revealed one of the managers, who is a niece of the original owners, had donated to the pro-Proposition 8 campaign. El Coyote's answer: a free lunch/press conference giving her a forum to explain her decision. But the 70-some people in attendance were none too pleased with what they heard. Is a boycott the answer?

Prop. 8 Protestors Take it to the Catholics

More than 200 protesters gathered in front of Los Angeles's Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels on Sunday as part of a continuing spate of demonstrations against the narrow passage of California's Proposition 8, which bans same-sex marriages. Initially billed as a "quiet vigil of peace," the event was more similar to recent Prop. 8 demonstrations: signs, honks, and chants.

Barbara Boxer: Marriage Fight Not Over

In a post-Election Day press conference in Los Angeles, California U.S. senator Barbara Boxer said the passage of Proposition 8 by voters was not the end of the civil rights struggle for marriage equality. Boxer said that despite fellow Democrat Barack Obama's historic presidential win and gains in both the U.S. House and Senate for her party, the loss of Proposition 8 "put a damper effect" on her election night.

In the Belly of No on 8

When former Log Cabin Republicans president Patrick Guerriero came to San Francisco to visit the No on 8 headquarters, he didn't know he'd wind up staying to run the biggest LGBT rights political campaign in history. But with a measly million in the bank and the Mormon church raising money hand over fist, No on 8 needed help, and Guerriero stepped in to close the gap -- and, with any luck, make history.

Europe Weighs in on the Upcoming Election

Making his way across Amsterdam and the U.K. to chat up Europeans and Americans living abroad on the upcoming U.S. elections, Christopher Lisotta finds that many people are more fed up than we are -- and nearly all see the potential for change in Barack Obama.

California Republicans Join the Fight for Marriage

A political consultant and fund-raiser for the past decade, Charles Moran knows his way around the California Republican Party. As a politically active gay man he also knows his way around the larger LGBT movement in California. Moran is bringing his expertise together as the finance director for Republicans Against 8, a group dedicated to defeating Proposition 8, which would nullify the California supreme court's recent ruling legalizing same-sex marriage.


Glaceau, maker of the Vitaminenergy drink, may think twice about subtly insulting gay people in its next marketing campaign

Did She or Didn't She?

Did Jodie Foster come out of the closet at an industry breakfast on December 4? The media seems to think so.

Killed in Broad Daylight

Sacramento has long been considered a tolerant city, but a gay man's violent death has exposed the wide divide between LGBT residents and the area's Slavic evangelical Christians.

Free Iggy?

Ellen DeGeneres and her flack caught flak when the talk-show host gave her adopted dog away to her hairdresser. PETA's Dan Mathews weighs in on the side of the agency who took the dog back.

Coming home

At the nation's first affordable-housing complex for LGBT seniors, created with public and private support, L.A.-area elders have a place to call their own.

Warren Cohn

"If somebody calls me tomorrow and says, 'I've got $20 million,' I'm going to get on the plane and go meet with them."