Desirée Guerrero

Your clitoris is much more than a “little penis.” It’s a divine source of pleasure, if you allow it to be.

March 23 2018 4:02 AM

A revolutionary new fertility service is making it easier and more affordable for queer couples to conceive.  

March 22 2018 5:33 AM

Happy Little Clouds’ new music video delivers a fresh perspective on struggles around gender expression.

March 19 2018 11:18 AM

A controversial case has launched a state investigation of discriminatory and unethical insurance practices.

February 15 2018 8:14 PM

Black and Hispanic trans women are twice as likely to get tested for HIV than their white counterparts.

January 23 2018 12:53 PM

Millett is perhaps our country’s foremost expert on HIV among gay and bi men of color

January 14 2018 3:38 PM