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Activists Hold Kiss-in Day to Protest Chick-fil-A

Activists Hold Kiss-in Day to Protest Chick-fil-A

Friday marks a national day of action at Chick-fil-A restaurants across the country as the organizers of a kiss-in protest aim to respond to company president Dan Cathy’s opposition to marriage equality. 

The National Same-Sex Kiss Day will be “showing Chick-fil-A our thanks For Their support of love, equality, and the real definition of marriage,” according to a Facebook page created by the organizers. This past Wednesday, the company reportedly experienced a “record-setting day” when hundreds of thousands turned out for an “Appreciation Day” called by Mike Huckabee.

The Georgia-based fast food chain became a proxy for the nation’s debates over marriage equality and free speech after Cathy said that by allowing marriage equality, the United States was “inviting God's judgment on our nation.” Chick-fil-A has also donated millions of dollars to antigay groups and causes.

There has apparently been at least one dispute at a Chick-fil-A location today. Website TMZ reports that police were called to the Hollywood location this morning, not because employees objected to the kiss-in, but because they felt reporters on the scene were being too aggressive in trying to get comments from staffers. However, the workers and the media had resolved their differences by the time police arrived, the site reports: “In other words, they kissed and made up.”

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