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The Life, Death and Legacy of Robert Opel, the Bi Oscar Streaker

Robert Opel made history when he ran naked across the Academy Awards stage. 

Op-ed: In Defense of 'Faking It'

MTV's newest teen-targeted show could be seen as problematic, but that's a surface-level reading at best.

How to Make It as a Gay Star of the Smallest Screen

What does it take to make it as an LGBT vlogger? The well-defined personal brands of these five passionate YouTubers are showing the world what it means to be us.

WATCH: Documentary Asks 'Do I Sound Gay?'

David Thorpe's new film, currently seeking Kickstarter support, features a wide range of opinions on the 'gay voice.'

Poll: 61 Percent of Coloradans Support Marriage Equality

Only 33 percent of Centennial State voters oppose allowing same-sex couples to marry.

WATCH: The Frozen-'Thriller' Mashup To Make Your Friday

It's undoubtedly wacky, but watching Elsa pull a Michael Jackson is strangely hypnotic.

Mean Girls Actor Daniel Franzese Comes Out

The actor who played Damian is out and proud, 10 years after the teen comedy's release.

UMass Rally Defeats Westboro's Derrick Gordon Protest

The five members of Westboro couldn't hold a candle to a crowd of 1,500 UMass students standing united for equality.

REPORT: Marriage Equality Makes Families Healthier

The New England Journal of Medicine cites easier access to health care as the primary reason.

LGBT Students, Teachers Embrace Day of Silence

Rainbow duct tape and vows of silence covered Twitter today in honor of GLSEN's annual Day of Silence.

Parent Wants 'Two Boys Kissing' Book Banned From Library

A hearing will be held later this month to determine whether the book will be removed.

Op-ed: Why The New York Times Shouldn't Generalize Us

The Gray Lady has come a long way on LGBT issues, but sloppy editing is risky.

Gay Tenn. 12-Year-Old Still Fighting the 'Don't Say Gay' Bill

Marcel Neergard is standing up to his classmates, bullies, and even his ill-informed teachers in a new op-ed for The Huffington Post.

Looking Back: Where Things Stand Heading Into Season 2

The HBO dramedy's finale ended the season on a high note -- for the most part.

4 LGBT-Focused Oscar Acceptance Speeches

We have some examples for Jared Leto to consider before Sunday's Academy Awards.

9 Gay Alternatives to Academy's Best Picture Picks

Who needs Her? We've got plenty of alternatives for you to see.

Looking Back: 5 Terrible Decisions

Patrick, Dom, and Agustin made so many bad choices this week.

Sochi's Soundtrack: Viral Videos Protest Russia's LGBT Hatred

From Pussy Riot to a revamped Coke ad, there's been no shortage of Sochi spoofing this winter.

Looking Back: 5 Moments of Too Much Talk

The nonstop Patrick-Richie gab-fest this week was a bit much.

Looking Back: The 5 Carrie Bradshaw-iest Moments

So much happened on this week's episode, we couldn't help but wonder: Could this show fill Sex and the City's Manolo Blahniks?