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Drag, Drugs and Death: Acclaimed Film Tucked

Drag, Drugs and Death: Acclaimed Film 'Tucked'

The pull-on-your-heartstrings drag queen film we've all been waiting for.

In this comedic clip from Tucked, veteran queen Jackie Collins and the rising star Faith find themselves in a stranger's home clumsily making their way through a drug deal. The queens are visibily on edge interacting with the tough-guy dealer, but a moment of care and worry comes over Faith as Jackie quietly begins to cough, an indication of his progressing terminal diagnosis. When the dealer inquires about their identities, Faith explains gender is more complicated than what's between someone's legs. The award-winning film follows these two characters as Jackie takes Faith under his wing and attemps to live his last six weeks of life as normal, all while trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter while he's still here. The unlikely friendship between Jackie and Faith leads to a heartfelt and beautiful story of longing, belonging, and connection. The film won both the Narrative Audience Award & International Narrative Feature Grand Jury Prize at Outfest 2018, and is avaliable to rent on iTunes today.

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