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This Year's Atlanta's Santa Speedo Run Will Warm You Right Up

Atlanta's average December temperature is 55 degrees, but you wouldn't know it from pics of this charitable run.

The 2020 Greeks Come True Calendar Will Fulfill Your Dreams

Photographer Yiorgos Kaplanidis captures sensual tension under a mid-summer sky.

Marc Martin Exposes Queer History in 'Public Toilets, Private Affairs'

Martin's exploration of sex in the public sphere travels to New York's Leslie-Lohman Project Space next year.

130 Photos of Santa Speedo Run Prove Chicago Is Lovely in December

The Speedo Run "is more than an excuse to hang out your holiday decorations – it’s also a huge party that raises money for the Center on Halsted."

Boyhood to Mankind Book Showcases 10 Years of Men

Vangardist magazine is publishing its past decade of photography in one beautiful volume.

Artist Duane Michals Riffs on Gay Icons

Highlighted in two New York exhibitions, Michals's work deconstructs the images of stars like Joan Crawford and Monty Clift.

366 Days of Men

Check out the award-winning male art calendar that was banned on Facebook.

Benjamin Wolberg's New Book Explores Contemporary Queer Photographs

New Queer Photography explores queerness, gender, and sexuality in a collection of photos on the margins of social discourse.

The Gotham Knights Rugby Club Hopes Mark Bingham Would Be Proud

The club's new calendar aims to please, as well as do justice to their dearly departed co-founder.

Sex and Rugby Combine in Eric Lanuit's Rebelyons Images

This French photographer captures gay rugby players in exacting detail.

The LGBTQ Men of Pittsburgh Celebrated by Elska

Queer as Folk knew the guys of Steel City were hot as hell — and so do the editors of gay publication Elska.

Steven Menendez Embraces the Emotion of 'Body and Soul'

Award-winning photographer Steven Menendez presents his latest exhibition at the Leslie Lohman Project Space in New York City on December 6.

25 Portraits of Queer French Fetishists

Photographer Eric Lanuit beautifully captures the men of Fetish Lyon.

Men in Love: Anthony Timiraos Captures Couples' Private Moments

Anthony Timiraos's photo essay may initially appear lurid, but it's more romantic than salacious.

The Camera Loves These 'Boys'

An auction of gorgeous queer photography is going on right now.

The Hottest Gay Halloween Party Was on a Yacht Cruising Around NYC

The Ghostship gala would give even the biggest homebody FOMO.

Life Lessons From Gay Guru Johnson Chong

Abused and neglected, this son of Chinese refugees persevered — and he says you can, too.

113 Shots of Halloween Hotties at Sidetrack Chicago

The gay bar thew ghoulish events for over a week. 

Benjamin Fredrickson Explores Intimacy and Desire in a PrEP World

The artist is showing his first work since the HIV-prevention drug has been widely available. Take a peak of the new work exclusively here.