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24 Pride Month memes that have us CACKLING

Celebrate Pride the right way — at home, laughing at things on the internet.

15 of Stormy Daniels' most RUTHLESS quotes that prove she suffers ZERO fools

Don't come for Stormy unless she sends for YOU.

Ellen DeGeneres laments getting 'kicked out of show business' in new stand-up routine

The Ellen DeGeneres Show faced rampant accusations of being a toxic work environment in 2020.

9 queerest moments of the 2024 Grammy Awards

The LGBTQ+ community just keeps on winning.

Watch Moms for Liberty Get Hilariously Roasted by Comedian Over Book Ban Attempt

This is exactly why LGBTQ+ book bans don't protect kids at all.

Ron DeSantis Target of Donald-Trump Supported Conspiracy Theory Over His Shoes

Is the Republican governor wearing heel lifts in his shoes?

'Borgias,' Schitt's Creek' Actor François Arnaud Comes Out as Bisexual

"I'm sure many bisexual guys feel the same and end up doing as I did: letting other people's assumptions of straightness stand uncorrected."

Trump Fumigated Mar-a-Lago After HIV+ Roy Cohn Visited, Book Claims

The closeted, odious lawyer served as Trump's role model, but the future president was allegedly disgusted by him because he had HIV.

Christian Homeless Shelter Sues for Right to Turn Away Trans Women

The shelter is being represented by the same group that represented the anti-gay baker.

Texas Judge Tosses Christian Lawsuit Against Drag Queen Story Hour

The antigay plaintiff previously filed lawsuits in several states trying to marry his laptop.

Diesel Draws Controversy with Homophobic Slur Jacket

Some people think this jacket will encourage anti-gay violence.