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Ron DeSantis Target of Donald-Trump Supported Conspiracy Theory Over His Shoes

Ron DeSantis Target of Donald-Trump Supported Conspiracy Theory Over His Shoes

Ron DeSantis
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Is the Republican governor wearing heel lifts in his shoes?

A conspiracy theory surrounding the idea that Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis is boosting his height with hidden heels is gaining — ahem — traction in part due to former President Donald Trump pushing it on Truth Social.

Interest in the Florida governor’s footwear has revolved largely around how strange both his gait and his shoes themselves look, both of which have been pointed out repeatedly across social media in recently.

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Specifically, people have been calling out the way the toes of the presidential hopeful's shoes frequently seem to curl up, which doesn’t really make much sense if there’s actually a human foot residing in that portion of the shoe.

There have been some serious dives into the theory, analyzing various photos and videos from recent public appearances by DeSantis, and we gotta say, they’re pretty convincing.


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Of particular note is a video of DeSantis standing next to Nikki Haley and Chris Christie on stage. The three politicians’ heights are listed online as 5′9″, 5′6″, 5′11″, respectively. Now, we can’t say for sure that these heights are accurate, but they likely aren’t wildly off. However, take a look at the image:

Haley is clearly wearing heels that are several inches high, raising her to Christie’s height. Yet DeSantis, who only has perhaps a one inch heel visible on the exterior of his shoe, stands taller than both of them by several inches.

Now, if DeSantis wants to wear heels, that’s perfectly fine. If he wants to hide them to pretend to be a height he is not, well, it’s a little pathetic, but it’s also fine. But considering how much of his political clout with ultra-regressive conservatives revolves around trying to prevent people from gender-affirming care or even wearing attire generally attributed to the opposite gender in public, any mockery his own height-related choices bring about is well-deserved.

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