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Performer David Ilku Channels Alter Ego for His Latest Romp

The latest David Ilku character sends a serious message to the next mayor of New York City.

Interview: Christine Quinn on Having a Seat at the Table

The out candidate for New York City mayor makes a case for LGBT votes.

Interview: Mayoral Candidate de Blasio on NYC's Hate Crimes

Here TV's Jim Morrison hits Bill de Blasio with questions on LGBT youth homelessness and rising antigay hate crimes in the city.

On Being a Girl Gaymer in a Male-Dominated World

Kayce geeks out on the upcoming event and the origins of GaymerX.

GaymerX's Founder Reveals What Gayming Is All About

Matt Conn talks games, critics, reality shows, and more.

Sherry Vine Dishes with Pam Ann on Salmon Throwing

Sherry Vine interviews international funny girl Pam Ann for the latest episode of She's Living For This.

The Unaired Pilot for 'Dante's Cove' Is Found

The never-before-aired Dante's Cove pilot and a behind-the-scenes special finally are ready for Here TV viewers.

Half-Share Cocreator Dishes on Gay TV and Production Hurdles

Production hurdles, cocktail hours and ... gay-bies? Half-Share's co-creator gets real.

Drag Queen Advice: What to Do When Bars Have Tiny Glasses

This week is the premiere of She's Living for This, episode 2, on Here TV.

What It's Like on Comedian Alec Mapa's Fire Island

Half Share premieres tonight on Here TV.

On Being Varla Jean Merman

Varla Jean and the Mushroomheads premieres on Friday on Here TV.