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Bill Clinton

Gay Godfather David Mixner was both pro-sex and pro-equality

Reflecting on the legacy of the man who brought LGBTQ+ liberation to the White House.

Out Actors Sarah Paulson & Beanie Feldstein Lead Clinton/Lewinsky Show

The series is the third installment in Ryan Murphy's American Crime anthology that Monica Lewinsky will co-produce.

George H.W. Bush Vilified for Neglecting AIDS

While many praise the late president as a political moderate, some activists say his record on AIDS deserves scorn.

The Conners' Laurie Metcalf to Play Hillary Clinton on Broadway

The star of Roseanne and The Conners will play Hillary Clinton during the 2008 primaries in Hillary and Clinton. 

Monica Lewinsky: Abuse of Authority Played Role in Clinton Affair

In an essay for Vanity Fair, Monica Lewinsky said that the #MeToo movement has pushed her to confront the power dynamics of her affair with then-President Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton on World AIDS Day: 'Don't Lose Heart'

Reflecting on lessons from the epidemic, the former president advocated for hope in a time of despair at the AIDS Memorial Grove in San Francisco.

Lessons Learned: The Long Battle for Equality in the Military

Ending bans on open military service required collaboration and tenacity.

Standing Ovation for Hillary Clinton at 'The Color Purple'

The former Democratic presidential nominee and the former president wowed the sold-out crowd at the Broadway show based on the film starring Oprah Winfrey Sunday.

Debate: Trump Defends 'Locker-Room Talk,' Attacks Bill Clinton

It was a most contentious evening, informed by the recording released Friday of lewd remarks by Donald Trump.

Bill Clinton Visits Pulse Memorial

The former president paid a surprise visit to the memorial Wednesday afternoon. 

I'm 'With Her,' But It's Complicated

Hillary Clinton's candidacy is one for history books, but some feminists would like her to further address sexual assault allegations made against Bill Clinton.

Hillary Makes History, But Her Husband Is the Front-Page Story

Hillary Clinton won the Democratic nomination Tuesday night, but some newspapers would lead you to believe it was Bill Clinton's historic moment, not hers.

Dems Make History While Running Gamut of Emotions

Serious moments alternated with humorous ones as the Democrats officially nominated Hillary Clinton and her husband touted her change-making abilities.

This Was the Night Bill Clinton Made History

Bill Clinton is the first American president to endorse his wife as a presidential nominee. He did so after calling her his "best friend" and "the best darn change-maker" he's ever known.

Bill Clinton Shouts Down Black Lives Matter Protesters

When the protesters repeatedly interrupted the former president's speech, he launched into a long, loud defense of his record, as well as Hillary Clinton's.  

Rachel Maddow: I Felt Bill Clinton Didn't Have My Back

The MSNBC host compares her experience in 1992 with the youthful enthusiasm greeting Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. 

LISTEN: The Clintons and the 'Gay Agenda'

One of Bill Clinton's friends shockingly alleges that the former president privately acknowledged his wife was uncomfortable with the idea of gay rights.

Bill Clinton Trumpets Both HRC and Hillary's Accomplishments at Gala

Bill Clinton spoke at the 18th annual National HRC Gala urging LGBT activists and community members to continue the fight for LGBT rights domestically and abroad.

Op-ed: Is ENDA Just History Repeating Itself?

The fight for ENDA might end up looking familiar to those who lived through the Clinton administration.