#27BiStories: Tell Us Something We Don't Know


Bisexuals have been on the front lines of the fight for equality alongside their gay, lesbian, and transgender friends and family since the Stonewall Riots. Sylvia Rivera, a transgender woman who was at Stonewall, identified as bisexual. The first pride parade was organized by Brenda Howard, a bisexual woman. Even today, bisexuals have been at the forefront of the marriage equality fight.

In this four-part series, we have asked 27 people in relationships who are bisexual or  LGT-identified and partnered with a bisexual person to debunk misconceptions, share their coming-out stories, and ruminate on the importance of their identities, even when they're in a committed relationship.

Unfortunately, bisexuals rarely get a public platform to share their stories — even in LGBT media spaces. In the interest of letting a diverse range of community members share their own stories and define their narratives, the final installment of The Advocate's #27BiStories is an open-ended question. We asked our interviewees to tell us something we might not know — what they want the general public to understand about their sexual orientation. 

Although this marks the final installment of our weeklong series, these stories are just the beginning of the conversation. As a nationally syndicated columnist recently illustrated, many people still lack a fundamental understanding about what it means to be bisexual in gay, lesbian, and straight communities. We will continue raising bisexual voices up until that’s no longer the case.

Thank you for reading #27BiStories.


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