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#27BiStories: Appearing Straight, Appearing Gay, and Other Misconceptions Bi People Face


Common misconceptions haunt bisexual people, and one of the most common is that a person’s sexuality is determined by the gender of whoever they're with. The assumption leaves bisexuals feeling like their identities have been erased.

As high-profile celebrities come out, their sexualities are scrutinized by the inquisitive public. Actress Anna Paquin recently found herself explaining to Larry King that she remains bisexual even while happily, monogamously married. While many criticized King for asking it, bisexuals say the question is actually frequently posed by straight and gay people alike.

In order to get some answers, and to start putting faces on the often overlooked bisexual population, The Advocate asked four questions of 27 bisexual people and those in relationships with someone who is bisexual. The answers come from an eclectic group in monogamous, nonmonogamous, and polyamorous relationships as well as other couplings that just don’t have labels. Their stories depict just a small portion of the bisexual-involved couples all around the world.

In this first part, we asked the couples to name the biggest misconceptions they face in their relationships. Using #27BiStories, readers can respond with their own experiences, and share these stories on social media. This is the beginning of a conversation that begins highlighting the sometimes silent B in LGBT.

This is #27BiStories.


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