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American Airlines

 EQUALITY ALLIES 2011 AMERICAN AIRLINES LAUI CURTIS X250 | ADVOCATE.COMAll of us at American Airlines take pride in our longstanding commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality, and we are proud to be a Titanium Sponsor at this year’s Out & Equal Workplace Summit. As the only airline to earn a 100% score on the Corporate Equality Index since its inception, we are reminded every day of our aspirations for our workforce and our obligations to each customer.

As American’s Vice President for Diversity Leadership, and Engagement, I know first-hand that our business decisions and workplace policies are guided by the contributions of our sixteen Employee Resource Groups, including our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender leaders at GLEAM.

Established in 1994, GLEAM helps us ensure workplace policies are progressive and inclusive – more recent enhancements include the addition of Gender Reassignment Benefits and the inclusion of Family Medical Leave of Absence to care for domestic partners.

Through these efforts, we align our commitment to customer and employee diversity with our business strategies. Today, our global route network and joint businesses demand learning new languages and customs, as well as a deeper investment in our cultural understanding, competency and cooperation with our global business partners. Thus, diversity, inclusion and equality are values that are also business imperatives benefitting our customers.

EQUALITY ALLIES 2011 AMERICAN AIRLINES RAINBOW LOGO X325 | ADVOCATE.COMRecognizing that American is a leader in embracing and fostering equality, we are also committed to supporting the LGBT community and advocacy. Two years ago, we were honored to testify on Capitol Hill about our experience offering equal benefits to our workforce. This year, we have again signed a letter of support to Congress endorsing passage of ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

EQUALITY ALLIES 2011 BEST PLACES TO WORK AND OUT & EQUAL LOGOS X325 | ADVOCATE.COMWe know that valuing diversity, inclusion and equality is a journey. While these values already permeate every aspect of American’s business, there are always new opportunities to embrace. We look forward to continuing to serve you, our loyal customers, in the future.

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