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WATCH: Funny or Die Envisions Parental Response to Josh Duggar's Sex Abuse Scandal

WATCH: Funny or Die Envisions Parental Response to Josh Duggar's Sex Abuse Scandal


Josh Duggar just made a mistake -- not like those hellbound homosexuals, Michelle and Jim Bob say in this Funny or Die spoof. 

Despite all of the controversy surrounding allegations that Josh Duggar sexually assaulted several girls (allegedly including his sisters) when he was a teenager, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, the parents of the 19 Kids and Counting brood, are standing by their son, saying he was a young person who made "mistakes" and apologized for them.

But what if the Duggar patriarchs really took the time to set the record "straight" on the scandal, and reveal their (huge) family's side of the story? That's what the folks over at Funny or Die set out to discover in their latest video spoof.

"When we first heard of Josh's mistakes, we did the right thing and ignored the girl who came forward," a wig-donning "Michelle" sarcastically tells the camera.

"Girls lie all the time," parody-Jim Bob adds. "That's what they do."

In response to Josh's work with (and subsequent resignation from) certified antigay hate group the Family Research Council, the faux Duggar parents commended their son for rising up as a vocal opponent to LGBT equality.

"Josh moved on with his life, and was the head of the Family Research Council," says Jim Bob in the clip. "He dedicated all of his efforts to Christ's love, and informing Americans about the dangers of homosexuals."

"Homosexuals prey on children, and they do not deserve to walk on God's green earth," says Michelle.

It's worth noting that the real-life Michelle Duggar recorded a transphobic robocall last year encouraging Arkansas residents to oppose an LGBT-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinance, relying on the debunked myth that transgender women are sexual predators who prey on women and girls in restrooms and locker rooms. Perhaps she should have looked a little closer to home to find the legitimate (not to mention self-confessed) predator.

Watch Funny or Die's hilarious clip down below.

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