LGBT Twitter on Dealing With Family During the Holidays


Thanksgiving can be a time of peace, abundance, and warm feelings — or it can mean being trapped at a table while your Uncle Lucky catches you up on Duck Dynasty and talks about how great America is going to be once coal takes off again. For LGBT people, many of whom come from families with different sets of values from their own, the holidays can often be a nightmare. Fortunately, our favorite LGBT comedians and writers have tweeted out the different strategies they’ve employed for dealing with with family this year.

1. Avoid them altogether.

2. Leave town.

3. Use all the tools at your disposal.

4. Spend the day with the family you’ve created.

5. Spend the day with your fur family.

6. Try a paradigm shift.

7. Trust no one.

8. Talk to your folk.

9. Question Thanksgiving itself.

10. Start prepping now for next Thanksgiving.

11. Cut out the middle man.

12. Hold them accountable.

13. Make everything into a fun game.

14. Talk about the issues.

15. Just have an awesome family.

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