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After BYU Revives Antigay Honor Code, LGBTQ Students Urged to Transfer

A crowdfunding campaign was launched to help LGBTQ students leave Brigham Young University.

LOVELOUD Isn't Just a Concert, It's a Revelation for LGBTQ+ Youth

It wasn't just music and comraderie that emanated from a Salt Lake City amphitheater -- it was also freedom.

55 Photos Serenading Utah at the LOVELOUD Festival

The beautiful people of Utah's third annual LOVELOUD festival, powered by AT&T, chilled in the warm sun.

Marvel's Iceman Finally Comes Out and That's Just the Beginning

The legendary character's out writer talks to us about Iceman's tumultuous present and his exciting future.

62 Pics of Tiny Bathing Suits Under the Vegas Sun

The Temptation Sundays pool party at the Luxor crowned a new Tempter 2017 this weekend, and he'll fit right in.

LGBT Comedians Tweet Farewell to 2016, a.k.a. 'Utter Garbage'

A roundup of the funny, sad, and insightful send-offs to an emotional year.

The Year in Review: The 10 Best Comedians of the Resistance

Celebrating the comedians who fought their hardest (and funniest) against a Trump presidency.

Watch These Black Comedians Sing Woke Carols in White Suburbia

These comedians set out to "sleigh" the white patriarchy.

Merry Christmas From the LGBT Comedians of Twitter

The 23 funniest queer Christmas messages in 140 characters or less.

Mormon Choir’s Inauguration Performance Is Height of Hypocrisy

For LGBT Mormons, this political move particularly stings.

7 Performers Who Could Sing at Trump's Inauguration

Comedian Robbie Pierce offers a few suggestions for the not-coveted position.

'All I Want For Christmas' Parody Begs Electoral College to Fix America

Forget Santa. Only one group can give us what we really want this year.

'Woke Christmas' Is the Holiday Parody You Need Right Now

Latina comic Carla Valderrama spruces up the holidays with progressive new lyrics to "White Christmas."

Why Aren't There More Famous Gay Comedians?

From gays historically trying to be taken seriously to straight men having a stranglehold on mainstream comedy, this video presents several intriguing ideas.

Bisexual Comic Explores Identity in New Web Series

Comedian Bill Posley's webisodes focus on the B in LGBT.

LGBT Twitter Sounds Off About the 'Gilmore Girls' Revival

Fans and newcomers had a lot of opinions about the four new Netflix episodes of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life that were released last weekend.

LGBT Twitter on Dealing With Family During the Holidays

Not sure how to handle your Republican relatives during the holiday season? Here are the hilarious ways LGBT people are dealing.

Twitter's Response to Jill Stein's Amazing Recount Fundraiser

In an after-the-credits twist, the Green Party nominee is trying to save democracy by recounting votes in key states, and Twitter's reactions are hilarious.

#nameapencemusical Skewers VP-Elect After Hamilton Attendance

Tweeters rebuke the vice president-elect for attending a Broadway musical that celebrates diversity and immigration.

18 Allies Wearing Safety Pins as a Stand Against Hate

The symbolic gesture is helping to create safe spaces during a frightening time.