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Kate McKinnon and Amy Schumer in the Makeout Scene You Never Needed

Amy Schumer and Kate McKinnon

McKinnon's and Schumer's barflys ended up a stool away from one another in SNL's "Last Call" sketch and it was bound to result in a messy makeout session. 

When Kate McKinnon's barfly shows up on a stool at Donnelly's bar in Saturday Night Live's "Last Call" sketch, there will inevitably be an epic, fairly disgusting makeout scene involving the show's host. And that's just what happened this week when McKinnon's barfly ends up a stool away from Amy Schumer's mullet-sporting boozer. The duo finds they're the last ones in the bar and having failed to hook up with anyone prior to last call they engage in a gross-out session of verbal foreplay and French kissing (if it can even be called that).

"I thought the Kentucky Derby was last week but it looks like there's one little nag still limping around the track," Schumer says as an opening pick-up line.

"Why don't you mount me and ride me before they turn me into glue?" McKinnon's character replies.

As is typical with the "Last Call" sketch, Kenan Thompson's jaw-dropped bartender is there to break up the action (as it were) with quips about the revolting scene unfolding before him.

At one point the bartender looks at the women flirting and says, "The crazy thing is, I used to fantasize about something like this," which is to some degree satisfying that he can't derive pleasure from it since McKinnon's and Schumer's titillated ladies have no interest in the fact that he's there or what he thinks.

Watch the very silly sketch below.

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