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Saturday Night Live

Molly Kearney, Nonbinary SNL Star, Shares Literal Uplifting Message with Trans Kids

"I've been hung up on my genitals for far too long, and I'm starting to feel like a freakin' Republican lawmaker!," Kearney said.

Aladdin's Jafar Comes Out (on SNL), Calls Out 'Evil' DeSantis

Bowen Yang knocks it out of the park once again.

M&M's Spokescandies Get the Axe After Conservative Meltdown

Tucker Carlson complained about their sexiness and now we can’t have nice shoes on animated candies.

Watch Bowen Yang Slay As George Santos on SNL

SNL featured Bowen Yang as George Santos as Kitara Ravache and it was hilarious.

Dave Chappelle's Rep Says There Is No 'SNL' Writers Boycott

Chappelle, who has mocked transgender people in his comedy shows, is set to host on Saturday.

NBC's 'SNL' Slammed For Upcoming Dave Chappelle Hosting Gig

Why the show invited a documented transphobe to host a program that features gay and nonbinary actors is hard for critics to understand.


Molly Kearney Makes History as First Out Nonbinary Actor to Join 'SNL'

Kearney has recently appeared in Prime Video's A League of Their Own.

Kate McKinnon Reprises Classic Alien Sketch in Emotional SNL Farewell

McKinnon, who effectively changed queer sketches on the long-running show, stepped into Colleen Rafferty's loose underwear one last time. 

Kate McKinnon Among Cast Members Reportedly Exiting 'SNL'

McKinnon has been on the show since 2012. 

Ariana DeBose and Kate McKinnon Duet, Discover Sappho Together on SNL

The West Side Story star and the Saturday Night Live veteran's sketches together were a gift to queer women complete with nods to Dana Scully and the Indigo Girls. 

The Gayest of Emmy-Nominated Bowen Yang on SNL (So Far)

The newcomer is kiling the game and making SNL the queer sketch show of our dreams.

Lil Nas X, Anya Taylor-Joy, SNL's Queer Cast Celebrate Chaotic Pride

"When did it all these straight girls start dressing lesbian?" they ask in "It's Pride Again."

Carey Mulligan Stars in SNL's 'Sad Flirting' Lesbian Period Drama

SNL waded into discussions among queer people about the value of lesbian period pieces while skewering Ammonite and Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

Dan Levy Spoofs Zillow, Super Bowl, It Gets Better on 'SNL'

The Schitt's Creek star brought queer comedy to Saturday Night Live.

Was John Krasinski's 'SNL' Kiss With Pete Davidson Homophobic?

Saturday Night Live got poor LGBTQ+ reviews for its opening monologue and a transphobic joke -- but did better on lesbian fare.

SNL's Village People Will 'Shave Ivanka's Head' if Trump Plays 'YMCA'

A spoof version of the group has had it with the president playing songs at his rallies.