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Randy Rainbow's 'Cell Block Tango' Says Donald Trump Has It Comin'

Randy Rainbow

Rainbow's latest parody, to the tune of the song from Chicago, lists the Trump acolytes indicted by Mueller and suggests some others who could be next. 

In light of the news that Roger Stone, the longtime adviser to Donald Trump, was arrested Friday as a result of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, political satirist Randy Rainbow has released a new parody of a classic Broadway show tune. Rainbow's "The Donald Trump Cell Block Tango (Part One)" is peppered with humor, but it's also his most pointed and ominous parody yet.

Rainbow's take on the famous jailhouse number from Chicago, in which incarcerated women list their crimes, begins with him in a striped suit behind bars.

"Trump, Six, Flip, Cuckoo, Huckabee, Mueller..." he repeats rhythmically.

"They had it comin'. They were the best that he could find," Rainbow sings as the faces of the Trump devotees like Michael Cohen and Stone, who were swept up in Mueller's investigation, flash on the screen.

"They got arrested and now you guessed it. And now he's losing his freaking mind," Rainbow sings.

During a spoken interlude, he addresses Trump's cry that the investigation is a "witch hunt."

"The greatest witch hunt in history has dropped houses on six of the president's personal associates," Rainbow says.

Later in the song, Rainbow changes the lyrics to directly address Trump.

"He has it comin'. He better find a hiding place. He's changing color, 'cause here comes Mueller. At least his jumpsuit will match his face," Rainbow continues as he holds up an orange jumpsuit.

But Rainbow doesn't stop there.

"He has it comin', she has it comin'," he continues as the faces of Trump acolytes like Rudy Giuliani, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the adult Trump children, and Melania Trump flash across the screen.

Watch Rainbow below.

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