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This Video Highlights the Best Part of Coming Out

Love Songs for the Rest of Us- NO SHAME

Have you ever received an invitation to be all that you are?

The simple and powerful song "No Shame" by Stephanie Ryan Johnstone is that and more.

In a recent article, the self-described "queer, gender-creative, kinky" songwriter said the song is "not a mandate that everyone should come out, regardless of their circumstances. Rather, it is a love letter to the power of queer community. You are not alone. You are not broken."

"No Shame" lives on the album Love Songs for the Rest of Us, a love letter to the queer community that refreshingly offers "songs that speak to the widespread, lived experiences of so many people who haven’t found that their romantic and sexual lives mirror the paradigms of pop music or romantic comedies."

The music video is just as refreshing, and features queer, transgender, and nonbinary folks of color, in a way that resonates with the entire LGBT community.

Watch the music video for "No Shame" below and prepare for chil

"No Shame" by Stephanie Ryan Johnstone and Jillian Buckley from Love Songs for the Rest of Us.  Listen to the full album on Bandcamp and read more about the heart behind it.

Director Rachel Chavkin

Director of Photography/Editor Andrew Schneider, Associate Editor Sean Buckley

Album Producer Jeremy Mage

Camera Operation Cheyenne Picardo & Production Manager Tegan Ritz McDuffie


Neo Cihi, Alexa Adderley, Mo Beasley, Alexa Bradley, Grenetta Briggs, Salty Brine, Sanaz Ghajarrahimi, Em Grosland, Morgan Jenness, Jake Margolin, Liz Maxwell, Lam Nguyen, Diana Oh, Jarrett Pelton, Kiara Rivas, Nick Vaughan, Zhana Vrangalova.


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