Why Melanie Martinez Fan Accounts Are Denouncing Her on Twitter


In the wake of the #MeToo movement, many powerful men have faced accusations of sexual harassment and assault. But when a woman named Timothy Heller alleged this week on Twitter that The Voice alum Melanie Martinez had raped her, the "Crybaby" singer became the first woman accused. Martinez says Heller "never said no to what we chose to do together."

Numerous abusers in the music industry like Chris Brown and R. Kelly have had their fanbases stand by them in the wake of heinous accusations. Somewhat oddly, even Martinez's most dedicated fans are not coming to her defense, with several fan accounts on Twitter denouncing her behavior and supporting Heller, a former confidante of Martinez's. Almost instantly, three major accounts expressed their disappointment in the singer, and have even gone on retweet messages of support for Heller.

@MELANIE DAILY immediately disowned Martinez and retweeted a statement that fans should not believe Heller's accusations are false.

Meanwhile, accounts in Latin America followed suit, tweeting #MelanieIsOverParty along with accusations that Martinez has been abusive and controlling as an artist. @MelanieLBBHArg, an account based in Argentina responded immediately.

After Melanie responded to the accusations, they went on to retweet numerous anti-Martinez posts, including: 

Another account based in Brazil pinned their take on the allegations, writing in Portuguese, "We are surprised and shocked with the latest claims in relation to Melanie. We're very sorry and we made it clear that we do not support any kind of abuse."

They went on to retweet anti-Martinez sentiments from Gina Frey, the singer's former makeup artist.

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The account also retweeted accusations from another former-friend of Martinez who felt sexually pressured by her, translating it into Portuguese.

Unlike Woody Allen and Al Franken defenders, more and more fans are shutting Martinez out, deciding not to defend an artist who has been accused of sexual misconduct.


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