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Decision Day 2015

An archive of The Advocate's comprehensive coverage of the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark decision on same-sex marriage.

30 Images of Marriage Equality on the Day It Was OK'd 7 Years Ago

Revisit the West Hollywood celebratory rally from 2015 on the seventh anniversary of marriage equality. 

PHOTOS: How and Why West Hollywood Rallied for Marriage

The crowd at West Hollywood Park on Friday celebrated the Supreme Court's historic decision. Here's what they say brought them there.

You've Gotta See The Video Tracing March of Marriage Equality

Track how the story of marriage equality came to be in one short video.

Celebrations of Marriage Equality Around the World

The landmark ruling that made same sex marriage legal in the United States was cheered around the planet.

Here's How To Add A Rainbow To Your Profile Pic

If you're looking for a way to show you support marriage equality on facebook, here's how.

Antigay Texas Pastor Won't Set Himself Ablaze

He threatened to become a human torch if the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality. Now Pastor Rick Scarborough is clarifying his remarks.

WATCH: Evangelist Warns Christians to Prepare for Persecution

Ignoring Exodus 32:14, which says, '..the Lord changed His mind...' the evangelist declares: 'God doesn't change His mind.'

Rallies Remind Us: When Marriage Is a Possibility, So Is Love

A gay Los Angeles resident reflects on the nation's, and his own, journey toward marriage equality.

5 LGBT Love Songs That Say 'I Do'

A playlist of happily-ever-after songs by LGBT artists that's now useful in all 50 states.

Op-ed: Looking Beyond Marriage to the Next Fight

Trans activist Tiq Milan is ecstatic his gay and bi friends can now wed throughout the country, but he's also anxious for the next LGBT battle to take center stage.

Op-ed: Equality Is Still Far From a 'Lived Reality'

The first openly gay man elected to the New York State Assembly wants to remind people that "law" and "life" are two different things.

More Than A Dozen Landmarks You Won't Believe Went Rainbow

After sunset on Decision Day, the White House is awash in rainbow light tonight, and the rainbow revolution has spread to the other coast and overseas.

WATCH: How They'll Explain the Marriage Ruling in the Future

A wife and mother creatively imagines a day when our kids’ kids will learn about today in history class.

WATCH: Will Ian McKellen Marry Derek Jacobi?

Actually, the two great gay actors aren't engaged, but Thomas Roberts had the impression they were.

Bobby Jindal Blocking Marriages in Louisiana

The archconservative governor and GOP presidential candidate is doing all he can to stop same-sex weddings in his state.

Why These Four Justices Rejected Marriage Equality

Chief Justice John Roberts, along with Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito, see today's landmark ruling for marriage equality as a dangerous thing.

PHOTOS: Same-Sex Couples Marry Across the Country

Following the historic Supreme Court ruling, same-sex couples wasted no time tying the knot.

WATCH: The Moment SCOTUS-Watchers Heard the News

Let's just say, people were pretty happy.