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Hillary Clinton Responds to 40 Years of Sexist Questions

Hillary Clinton Responds to 40 Years of Sexist Questions

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"Do you think the American people are ready yet to have a first lady who has strong opinions and an agenda?"

Hillary Clinton may have won the Democratic nomination for president, but a video created by an online news site shows the sexist questions she's had to endure along her path as a politician and as a first lady.

The National Memo, an online news site, clipped together interviews the Democratic nominee gave during her time in public office. In one clip from 1992, an anchor asks Clinton, "Can a first lady be both popular and opinionated?"

Despite becoming the first woman to win the nomination for a major U.S. political party, Clinton continues to face sexism in the media. Only a day after Clinton was awarded the nomination at the Democratic convention, many newspapers ran photos of her husband, the former president, instead of honoring her historic moment with a photo of her. When Clinton accepted her party's nomination, many pundits criticized her voice, rather than focusing on the content of her speech.

Watch the full video of Clinton below.

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