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Pete Buttigieg Doesn't Like That Donald Trump Dreams About Him

Pete Buttigieg and Donald Trump

Donald Trump said this week that he dreams about out Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg — and Buttigieg finds that pretty unsettling.

“I mean, you have Alfred E. Neuman who’s running, who’s like this guy?” Trump said at a campaign rally in Hershey, Pa., Tuesday night. Neuman is the big-eared, grinning, goofy-looking mascot of Mad magazine. “This guy Buttigieg, Boot-edge-edge. Can you believe he’s doing well? He’s like the leading fundraiser. I dream about him! It’s true. No, Boot-edge-edge!”

Buttigieg, currently the mayor of South Bend, Ind., responded to Trump’s sophomoric comments in a live-streamed Friday interview with The Washington Post’s Bob Costa. “I will admit it did bother me when he says he dreams about me,” Buttigieg said. “I don’t know what goes on in this president’s dreams, but I’m sure I want absolutely nothing to do with them.”

Trump had said in April that he’d like running against Buttigieg in 2020, but sources told The Daily Beast this week that they don’t expect the mayor to be the Democratic nominee, even though he’s polling well. “We’re not game-planning for Pete,” someone identified only as a “Trumpworld source” told the publication. “I don’t think anyone is.”

Another source, identified as a senior official with Trump’s reelection campaign, told the Beast, “There are few who scare us less than Mayor Pete. … [Andrew] Yang scares us more than Mayor Pete.”

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