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Twitter Drags Fanboys Crying Over New She-Ra

Twitter Drags Fanboys Crying Over New She-Ra


When male fans lost it over the redesigned She-Ra, claiming she wasn't sexy enough, Twitter and the original creator came to the defense of the out showrunner.

If the internet learned anything from the outrage of fanboys over the Ghostbusters reboot and the egregious display of racism and misogyny over the casting of Kelly Marie Tran in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it's that there are some who can't cope with nostalgia for their childhoods being toyed with in any way.

Now, fanboys of the 1980s cartoon She-Ra (which focused on He-Man's twin sister) have targeted the creator of a reboot that portrays the warrior as less of a sexualized object borne of the male gaze and more as, well, a warrior. They've even gone after new showrunner for being a queer woman.

The new She-Ra, slated to premiere on Netflix in November, has been reimagined to appear more fierce than the original and in a costume that doesn't flaunt her cleavage. But some men and teenage boys are angry because, apparently, cartoons for children are also supposed to be sexy.

Some male fans of the original, less utilitarian-appearing She-Ra took to Twitter to bemoan the loss of her "womanhood."

Others got more personal and went after the Eisner Award-winning out showrunner of the new She-Ra, Noelle Stevenson, who created the girl-centric and queer-themed Lumberjanes.

On the upside, responders to the tweet from the ironically named Diversity & Comics by and large dragged the offensive tweeter while defending both Stevenson and She-Ra's new look.

The creator of the original She-Ra, J. Michael Straczynski, attempted to put the controversy to rest in with an excellent response thread that's also a mini-class in feminism to those men decrying that the character was intended to be the "ideal woman" and that the new show had ruined her.

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