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George Takei

George Takei Came Out Because He Was Angry at Arnold Schwarzenegger

The famous out Star Trek actor says he couldn't keep quiet when the then-governor of California vetoed marriage equality legislation.

George Takei Calls Out Dean Cain Over Criticism of New Bi Superman

Cain, who previously played Superman, called DC Comic's announcement about the new Man of Steel's sexual orientation "bandwagoning."

George Takei's Passion Project

The gay activist is not giving up on ending the American epidemic of gun violence.

George Takei Says 'Star Trek' Never Had a Gay Character for a Reason

The show's creator, Takei says, told him having a gay character would be "a bridge too far."

George Takei: Trump's Child Separation 'Is Worse' Than Japanese Internment Camps

The gay survivor of an internment camp detailed "one core, horrifying way" his experience was better than that of those suffering under the modern-day policy.

Does This George Takei Story Really Clear His Name?

A writer at The Observer claims Takei was misunderstood, not malicious.

George Takei Denies He Groped Male Model in 1981

The gay actor said he is "shocked and bewildered" by an accusation that he sexually assaulted a man. 

George Takei's Next Big Thing: His Life in A Graphic Novel (Video)

Oh, myyyy! The publication due in 2018 will detail his experience in a World War II internment camp, his Star Trek career, social media and LGBT activism.

WATCH: George Takei Sees Parallels in Internment

The iconic actor and activist talks about the parallels between Japanese-American internment and the struggle for LGBT rights in an exclusive preview of the exhibition "New Frontiers: The Many Worlds of George Takei." 

Over 100 Celebs Denounce Texas's Anti-Trans 'Bathroom Bill'

Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and more than 100 others have signed an open letter urging Texas lawmakers to reject anti-LGBT legislation.

George Takei Offers Advice for Dealing With Trump Trauma

The gay survivor of a Japanese-American internment camp shares his wisdom.

George Takei Slams Sulu's De-Gayed Portrayal

"Not even a kiss," the out actor bemoaned of how Star Trek Beyond depicted the gay character.

Twitter Reacts to a Bitter Second Presidential Debate With Humor

As Clinton discussed policy and Trump hurled attacks and whined about the moderators, LGBT tweeters reacted with jokes, memes, and outrage.

George Takei's Allegiance Is Coming to Theaters Nationwide

Tickets go on sale in November for a one-night-only performance of the out acting legend's Broadway show. 

LGBT Twitter Skewers Trump as He Dumps Birtherism, Blames Clinton for It

Donald Trump finally admits President Obama was born in the United States but passes the blame for his actions to Hillary Clinton. Twitter wits have something to say about it.

George Takei: Pokemon Hunter

The legendary star of the original Star Trek, as well as Broadway, took his legions of Facebook fans on an online adventure, searching for the elusive Pokemon.

‘Star Trek’ Defends Gay Sulu: ‘We Are All LGBT’

In a statement to The Guardian, writer Simon Pegg said it's time for Star Trek Beyond to boldly go where no blockbuster has gone before.

Sulu Vs. Sulu: Let's Go Beyond Star Trek's Gayless Universe

The next generation of Star Trek stars say George Takei is off-course in criticizing the newly revealed sexuality of the starship helmsman, and this trans fan thinks he should lower his shields.

Gay Sulu? George Takei Says No Way

The actor who created the iconic character says the Starship Enterprise helmsman should stay straight, and a new, out and proud gay character should have been created.

George Takei Says 'You Can Pee Next to Me'

In a Facebook Live video today, the out actor sat down with two transgender Americans to discuss how they came to live authentically and the obstacles still facing the trans community today.