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'Glee' Cast Will Reunite to Honor Naya Rivera's Legacy at GLAAD Awards

The reunion is timed to the anniversary of her character Santana Lopez's coming -out.

Chris Colfer Pens Heartrending Tribute to 'Glee' Costar Naya Rivera

The out actor who played the groundbreaking gay character Kurt Hummel on Glee credits Rivera for her "heroic" portrayal of a Latinx lesbian teen. 

Out TV Icon Ryan Murphy Is Now a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Murphy -- behind LGBTQ-centric shows like Pose -- is honored for his work.

Jane Lynch's Dog Obsession Is Beautiful

Jane is hopelessly devoted to rescuing and caring for pups.

WATCH: Unique, Coach Beiste, and 200 Trans Singers 'Know Where I've Been'

In one of the most powerful moments of Glee's final season, Unique surprises Coach Sheldon Beiste with and uplifting, affirming rendition of the Hairspray ballad.

WATCH: Meet Glee's Coach Sheldon Beiste

Tonight's episode of Glee sees McKinley's beloved football coach return — as his authentic self. Get a sneak preview in the exclusive clip below.

WATCH: Glee's Coach Beiste Comes Out as a Trans Man

The tough-but-tender football coach is finally ready to be honest with the crew at McKinley High.

PHOTOS: We Asked The Stars, 'Who Is Your Hero?'

On the night of TrevorLive, which honored Jane Lynch with its Trevor Hero Award, The Advocate asked Kathy Griffin, Jason Collins, Dot-Marie Jones, and more to reveal the heroes that inspire them.…

Glee: Darren Criss In A Loincloth