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Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck Shamelessly Shoots Off on Breeding

The D-list conservative commentator reemerges to say that marriage equality stymies procreation but, more sinisterly, lunges another dangerous dagger of hate at our community.

Glenn Beck Says Marriage Equality Bill Will Hurt 'Procreation'

Glen Beck's guest said that LGBTQ+ people "can't procreate or won't procreate," adding, "That ain't natural and that ain't good." 


Glenn Beck Blasts Target's Trans-Inclusive Restrooms

More than 200,000 conservatives have signed a petition to boycott Target. Glenn Beck called the backlash "common sense."

Cruz, Beck Think 'Gay Marriage' Destroyed the Constitution

The right-wing politician and the pundit traded doomsday fantasies now that the freedom to marry has gone nationwide.

WATCH: Glenn Beck Laughs Up Notion Hillary Clinton Is Gay

The right-wing's favorite unsubstantiated rumor about Hillary Clinton gets a boost from Glenn Beck.

WATCH: Glenn Beck Has Gay Friends, So He's Not Intolerant

The former Fox News pundit trotted out the classic explanation when recounting how he convinced his daughter that he is a tolerant person.