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Glenn Beck Says Marriage Equality Bill Will Hurt 'Procreation'

Glenn Beck

Glen Beck's guest said that LGBTQ+ people "can't procreate or won't procreate," adding, "That ain't natural and that ain't good." 


In a recent segment on his show The Glenn Beck Program on The Blaze, Glenn Beck said the Respect for Marriage Act would hamper procreation.

Beck, in conversation with Blaze editor Daniel Horowitz, said the bill, which now goes to the House for a vote and then to President Joe Biden's desk to be signed, will stop people from wanting to reproduce because it would support LGBTQ+ people. He compared it to China's (overturned) one-child policy.

"This is why China reversed their one-child policy," said Beck. "You cannot sustain anything at this level without procreation."

Horowitz referenced a Gallup poll released earlier this year that found more people are identifying as LGBTQ+.

"You now have 21 percent of Gen Z according to Gallup, identifying as one of the alphabet soup stuff that can't procreate or won't procreate. That ain't natural and that ain't good," he told Beck.

"That's what this is all about," Horowitz added. "It's about destroying the continuity of civilization...someone's gotta do the procreating. And think about the millions of people that this takes out of the procreation business."

Although there's no actual way of knowing that these people actually "can't procreate or won't procreate," Beck agreed.

Beck also said the Respect for Marriage Act would force organizations like churches to lose tax-exempt status and "you'll have to hire people that are different," despite the fact that the legislation doesn't forbid employment discrimination. He also claimed Roe v. Wade was codified--which it wasn't, it was a Supreme Court decision.

The Respect for Marriage Act does have protection for religious liberty. It states: "Consistent with the First Amendment to the Constitution, nonprofit religious organizations...and any employee of such an organization, shall not be required to provide services, accommodations, advantages, facilities, goods, or privileges for the solemnization or celebration of a marriage."

With the interview and comments, Beck seems to have reversed previous support of same-sex marriage -- or at least a bill supporting it. In the conversation, Beck said, "I'm more Libertarian on this ... You want to get married, fine. Just don't tell me what I have to do, and I'm not going to tell you where you have to get married."

In 2010, the conservative pundit had been asked by Bill O'Reilly of Fox News if "gay marriage is a threat to the country in any way?" and answered, "No, I don't." He then added "I believe that Thomas Jefferson said, 'If it neither breaks my leg, nor picks my pocket, what difference is it to me?'"

Beck also said in 2013 had said in an interview with CNN that he would "... stand with GLAAD...I will stand with anybody who will stand up and say that's crazy. That's dangerous. That's hetero-fascism. That's what that is," in response to Russia's treatment of LGBTQ+ people.

If the Supreme Court overturns marriage equality, the Respect For Marriage Act would require the states and the federal government to recognize not only same-sex but also interracial marriages performed in other states. It would not require states to perform same-sex marriages.

The Blaze is a conservative program under the Blaze Media umbrella, a company founded by Beck after his departure from Fox in 2011.

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