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WATCH: Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck Think Marriage Equality Has Destroyed the Constitution

WATCH: Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck Think Marriage Equality Has Destroyed the Constitution


The right-wing politician and the pundit traded doomsday fantasies now that the freedom to marry has gone nationwide.

It's no surprise that reliable right-wing figureheads like Glenn Beck and Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz are none too thrilled with the Supreme Court bringing marriage equality to all 50 states, but the pair took fear-mongering to a new level in a televised interview last week.

Sitting down with Beck for a wide-ranging interview on the pundit's right-wing network The Blaze, Sen. Cruz appeared to be in an echo chamber of escalating antigay rhetoric, notes Right Wing Watch.

Taking a page from Chief Justice John Roberts's dissent in the landmark marriage equality ruling, Beck suggested that we as a nation "are off the Constitution now. We're making this up as we go along."

In agreeing with Beck, Cruz mentioned his comment in the wake of landmark rulings in favor of affordable health care and marriage equality, where he claimed America had just experienced "some of the darkest 24 hours in our nation's history." Cruz went on to dismiss "the entire liberal media [that] went apoplectic" over the hyperbolic remark.

"It's the end of our Constitution," Beck stated somberly, without an audible trace of irony.

After more mutual bloviation about six justices who "ignored federal law" to "rewrite Obamacare" and five justices who "ignored the Constitution and declare[d] the authority to rewrite marriage," the conversation turned strikingly militaristic.

In fact, the Texas senator seemed to channel antigay Russian leaders when he condemned the "propaganda effort" allegedly being waged by marriage equality advocates.

"This is hand in hand with a concerted assault on religious liberty and a concerted assault on the Judeo-Christian values this country was built on," Cruz said ominously, before dismissing overwhelming polling data that shows a majority of Americans support marriage equality. "We are seeing a propaganda effort from the mainstream media and from Hollywood [in support of marriage equality]. ... This notion that gets repeated everyday on the mainstream media is baloney."

"If it were true that the American people wanted this, there'd be no need for a court case, because they'd win at the ballot box," Cruz incorrectly stated. "They're doing this because they haven't been winning at the ballot box."

While Cruz alluded to the devastating passage of Proposition 8 in "bright blue" Democratic California, which revoked marriage equality in 2008, he neglected to mention the 2012 election that saw Maryland, Washington, and Maine all approved marriage equality through popular vote. During that same election, Minnesota became the first state in American history to reject an antigay amendment, decisively ending the winning streak such measures had enjoyed for the preceding 32 consecutive votes.

Watch Beck and Cruz egg each other on in the clip below, excerpted by Right Wing Watch.

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