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Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk's original Advocate obituary from 1979

The gay rights icon was memorialized in the January 11, 1979 issue of The Advocate. Read the obituary below.

LGBTQ+ group pulls Biden endorsement over 'perilous' handling of Israel-Hamas war

The Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club in San Francisco has rescinded its endorsement of President Joe Biden for the March primary.

Nancy Pelosi's Possible House Successor Places His Gay Identity Front and Center

Calif. Sen. Scott Wiener, one of our Advocates of the Year, is a worthy heir to both Pelosi and another San Francisco icon, Harvey Milk.

From 'Heather' to Harvey to Matthew Shepard, Lesléa Newman Chronicles Queer History

This author, and one of our Advocates of the Year, has been at the forefront of LGBTQ+ history for over 30 years.

California to Buy Temecula Students Textbook Rejected Because of Harvey Milk

In rejecting the social studies textbook, the Temecula school board president called Milk a pedophile.

California Investigates School Board Members Who Called Harvey Milk a 'Pedophile'

The California Department of Education is investigating a school district after its board members rejected a social studies textbook — while calling revered LGBTQ+ activist Harvey Milk a "pedophile."

California School Board President Calls Harvey Milk a 'Pedophile'

Activists, parents, and supporters of LGBTQ+ rights were outraged.

U.S. Navy Launches Ship Honoring Harvey Milk

The USNS Harvey Milk is the second replenishment oiler to be built in a class of ships dedicated to U.S. human rights activists. 

Tucker Carlson Once Lauded Harvey Milk's Killer and Antigay Senator

A yearbook image of Carlson listing membership in the Dan White Society and Jesse Helms Foundation is authentic, according to Trinity College.

Harry Britt, Former S.F. Supervisor and Harvey's Successor, Dies at 82

The gay activist is remembered as a progressive champion.

The True Story Behind 'Out,' Pixar's Groundbreaking Gay Short Film

Director Steven Clay Hunter and producer Max Sachar reveal how Harvey Milk and The Twilight Zone helped inspire their film.

To Carry on My Uncle Harvey Milk’s Legacy, We Must Elect Joe Biden

The fight for equality has yet to be fully won, but Biden will bring us closer to the finish line. 

Construction Begins on Navy Ship Named After Harvey Milk

The slain LGBTQ leader resigned from the Navy in 1950s after being spotted in a popular San Diego gay cruising area. Now a ship named after him will be constructed in the same city.

LGBTQ Politicians Weigh in on the Meaning of Milk

Forty years after his assassination, Harvey Milk's political children discuss the slain supervisor's legacy.

The Briggs Initiative: Remembering a Crucial Moment in Gay History

As we prepare for a critical midterm election, it's worth recalling another one, in which California voters rejected a virulently homophobic ballot measure.

12 Enduring Quotes From Harvey Milk

It's Harvey Milk Day, when we remember why the assassinated San Francisco Supervisor remains a shining light.

The Bullhorn of Harvey Milk and Cleve Jones Displayed at Smithsonian

One of the most familiar emblems from the early days of the gay rights movement is now in the Smithsonian Museum: Harvey Milk’s bullhorn.