WATCH: CDC Antismoking Campaign Targets LGBT Community

WATCH: CDC Antismoking Campaign Targets LGBT Community

In the latest installment of its year-old smoking cessation campaign, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reaching out to the LGBT community, where tobacco use is nearly double that of the general population, according to CNN.

The "Tips from Former Smokers" campaign depicts the harsh realities of smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke, according to a press release announcing the $54 million campaign. In addition to online videos, the campaign also includes TV, radio and print ads. 

In its first video aimed at the LGBT community, the CDC shares the story of Ellie, a 57-year-old woman who describes herself as "an active member of the LGBT community." Ellie isn't a smoker, but she began having asthma attacks after working as a bartender in a gay bar that allowed patrons to smoke. 

Hear more of Ellie's story below.


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