Survey: Fewer that one third of Chinese know condoms prevent HIV

A study by the Futures Group Europe and Horizon Research in China has revealed that while the vast majority of the nation's populace has heard of AIDS, fewer than 33% of Chinese citizens know that condoms can prevent HIV transmission. "The reason for the lack of knowledge concerning AIDS transmission and protection is the lack of media [information] and a fear of AIDS," said Cheng Feng, project manager of the China-U.K. HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Project.

The survey of 6,835 Chinese adults, taken in both cities and rural towns, also showed that attitudes toward HIV-positive family members varied, with most being more receptive to those who contracted HIV through blood products rather than sexual contact. The Chinese Ministry of Health estimates that there are about 1 million HIV-positive people in China, but some AIDS groups say that number could be as high as 10 million.

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