Research center
seeks gay men for MRSA study

Researchers at
the New York City-based Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center
are seeking HIV-negative gay men to participate in a study
of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus,
commonly referred to as drug-resistant staph
infections. MRSA is a common bacteria that can cause
skin infections ranging from mild cases to deep-tissue,
life-threatening infections. MRSA has been diagnosed among
many gay men across the United states during the past
two years, with many of the cases occurring in
HIV-positive men.

MRSA can be
carried on the skin without causing any symptoms, and it is
easily passed to other men through skin-to-skin contact,
including sex. The researchers are seeking gay men for
their study that will gauge whether any of them are
unknowingly carrying the virus. The study will
include three visits to the Rockefeller University Hospital
Outpatient Clinic on the upper east side of Manhattan, where
a swab will be taken from nostrils and underarms. The
first visit also will include an HIV antibody test.
Study participants will be paid a $60 stipend at the
conclusion of the third visit.

For more
information about the study or to enroll, go online to or call (212) 327-7260.

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