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Iowa Mayor Blocks LGBTQ+ Group From Labor Day Parade, Citing ‘Safety’ Concerns

No threats had been received, according to parade organizers and participants.

Vivek Ramaswamy: LGBTQ+ People Created 'Tyranny of the Minority'

Ramaswamy, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination, made this and other questionable remarks to a pansexual activist who approached him at the Iowa State Fair.

Donald Trump’s LGBTQ+ Record Touted on Bizarre Ads in Iowa

Nobody knows where they’re coming from or who’s paying for them.

Nikki Haley Falsely Connects Trans Athletes to Girls’ Suicide - Yet Again

The former governor made up false assertions about transgender girl athletes negatively affecting the mental health of cisgender teen girls at a CNN town hall event.


'Don't Say Gay' Bill Signed in Iowa; GOP Gov. OK's Ratting on Trans Students

A new law allows teachers to tell parents if their kids change pronouns.

Iowa Mayor Approves LGBTQ+ Pride Month After Residents Speak Up

Residents and city council members criticized the mayor for forcing his religious views on the public before he changed his mind.

Iowa Teens Receive Awards, Protest Governor's Anti-LGBTQ+ Policies at Ceremony

Iowa’s Republican governor appeared less than pleased with the public comments.

12 Years Later, Iowa Lawmaker's Speech on Marriage Equality Still Inspires

Zach Wahls, now Iowa Senate minority leader, reshared the video about being raised by two moms as Republicans continue to attack LGBTQ+ people and families.

Iowa Gov. Signs Transphobic Gender-Affirming Care Ban and Bathroom Bill

The list of states with bans keeps growing.

Iowa School District Removes Book, Caves to Far-Right Online Bullying

Not even an hour after the far-right hate account targeted the school district, officials from the area responded and thanked the bully for targeting them.

Iowa Advances Gender-Affirming Care Ban, Restroom Restrictions

The Iowa Senate approved both bills Tuesday and sent them to the House of Representatives.

Iowa Republicans Seek to End Marriage Equality in State

Their effort is unlikely to succeed, but that's not keeping them from trying.

Iowa GOPers Propose 'Don't Say Gay,' Anti-Trans Bills

One bans mention of sexual orientation or gender identity in the lower grades, while another would out trans students to their parents.

TV Reporter Comes Out as Trans Woman in On-Air Broadcast

"I am feeling more and more at home in my body than I really ever did before," Nora J.S. Reichardt told viewers.

LGBTQ+ Books at the Center of Library Controversies in Michigan & Iowa

In rows over LGBTQ+ books, a community in Michigan has raised more than $100,000 to fund its library, while Iowa librarians are fighting against banning such books.

Iowa Library Shuttered After Anti-LGBTQ+ Sentiments Flare

The Vinton Public Library has been open since the early 1900s, but recent anti-LGBTQ+ attitudes from the community led to its closing.

7 LGBTQ+ Candidates Who Prevailed in Tuesday's Primary Elections

The races saw out winners from Iowa to Montana to California, including several groundbreakers.

Iowa High Court Recognizes Anti-Trans Discrimination in Historic Win

The Iowa Supreme Court's decision affirms that gender identity discrimination is prohibited by the state's civil rights law.

Iowa Is Now 11th State to Pass Anti-Trans Sports Law

The governor made transphobic remarks before signing the bill and referred to trans female athletes as "males."