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News from within the borders of Jamaica and the fight for LGBT equality there. As of 2013, discrimination against the LGBT community was widespread in Jamaica, and sexual acts between men could be punishable by years in prison. Gay people are often the target of hate crimes and police brutality in the country, which has led many activisits and organizations like the Human Rights Watch to label it one of the most homophobic countries in the world and an unsafe place for activists and LGBT people. Jamaica, an island nation in the Caribbean, is situated about 90 miles south of Cuba. It is an English-speaking country.

Why This Black Lesbian Visited One of the World's Most Antigay Nations

Jasmyne Cannick is not afraid; she's determined.

We Can No Longer Ignore the Murders of LGBTQ+ People in Jamaica

A new podcast, Ring the Alarm, explores the secret network of safe houses keeping LGBTQ+ people in Jamaica safe. 

Teen Set Ablaze, Left for Dead After Meeting Man From Gay Dating Site

The 18-year-old was robbed, had his penis partially severed, and was set on fire in Montego Bay, Jamaica, by three men.  

An Exploration of LGBTQ Jamaican Identity—and Lots of Food

Three queer entrepreneurs discuss how food can build bridges in the island nation.

The State of LGBT Rights in Jamaica

In this episode of World View, Karamo Brown and trans activist Neish McLean explain how things are changing on the island.

The 'Most Homophobic Place on Earth' Bans Homophobic Preacher

Jamaica surprised LGBT activists (and the anti-LGBT preacher) by refusing entry to Steven Anderson.

Dexter Pottinger, 'Face of Pride' in Jamaica, Found Murdered

It appears that neighbors ignored Pottinger's cries for help.

Sitting Judges Still Don't Believe Bisexuality Exists

Bi Week, starting today, tries to make the bisexual experience more visible to the mainstream. The following story illustrates how far we have to go. 

Nearly 3 Out of 4 LGBT Jamaicans Considered Migration

A new study finds many queer Jamaicans have thought about leaving their home nation if they could.

Could Jamaica End Colonial-Era Gay Sex Ban?

A constitutional challenge is filed against the 1864 Offenses Against the Person Act, which is seen as the basis for much of the nation's notorious homophobia.

Jamaica to Hold First LGBT Pride Celebration

While security concerns make a parade impossible, a full week of festivities have been planned.

Obama Isn't Quiet About LGBT Rights, Even in Jamaica Trip

Activists had hoped the president would use his influence in Jamaica to highlight LGBT equality.

Op-ed: Obama Must Stand Up for LGBT Jamaicans

As the president arrives in Jamaica for the Summit of the Americas, he must defend the basic rights of gender and sexual minorities.

Jamaican Pastor Washes Feet of Lesbian, Trans Visitors

Honoring a tradition established by Jesus more than 2,000 years ago, a pastor in Jamaica is getting major push-back from his flock after controversial foot-washings.

Op-ed: Justice in Jamaica Is Sparse If You're LGBT

The threats of violence that preceded withdrawal of a lawsuit demanding equality from Jamaica's Supreme Court underscore the plight of LGBT people in the island nation.

Jamaican Who Challenged Buggery Law Bullied Out of Supreme Court

A man has withdrawn his Supreme Court case against Jamaica's antigay law out of fear for his safety.…

WATCH: LGBT Jamaicans Survive in Storm Drains

LGBT youth live in sewers in Jamaica because their families and society have turned their backs on them.

Bisexual Jamaican Won't Be Deported -- Yet

A U.K. immigration court determined that Orashia Edwards was 'dishonest' about his sexual orientation, but the bisexual Jamaican and his supporters contend he's been consistent throughout.