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John Boehner

Ted Cruz Responds to John Boehner's Name-Calling

A day after being called "Lucifer" and a "miserable son of a bitch," the senator from Texas responded without a trace of fire and brimstone. 

John Boehner on Ted Cruz: 'Lucifer in the Flesh'

The former speaker didn't hold back when asked about the senator from Texas, and said he'd likely vote for his "texting buddy," Donald Trump. 

Let Maddow Explain House GOP's 'Tidal Wave of Chaos'

The out MSNBC anchor tries to make sense of the 'total Republican mess' that's consuming Capitol Hill right now. 

Kevin McCarthy Drops Out of Speaker Race

A surprising announcement on Capitol Hill has led to a postponement of today's scheduled vote.

Barney Frank on Life After Boehner

Former congressman Barney Frank, blunt as ever, sees positives  and potential negatives with the abrupt departure of Speaker of the House John Boehner.

Trevor Noah's Daily Show Opens With AIDS Joke

Jon Stewart's successor at The Daily Show debuted Monday night to mostly positive reviews, but a joke he made about AIDS left the audience groaning.

WATCH: With John Boehner Resigning, Cheers Erupt

The Republican House speaker announced his resignation today and will leave Congress at the end of October.


Boehner: House Repubs Will Stay Out of Supreme Court Marriage Case Will

This represents a markedly different stance from the one congressional Republicans took when the court last considered marriage equality.

Harry Reid Favors Obama's ENDA Executive Order

The move could signal that similar federal legislation is effectively dead in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

John Boehner: 'No Way' ENDA Will Pass This Year

The House speaker drew a hard line on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act in a first-time meeting with the LGBT Equality Caucus.

GOProud Founder Quits Party, Slams Its Leaders Over 'Bigotry'

If the likes of Jimmy LaSalvia can't take it anymore, maybe the Republican Party will never wake up.

WATCH: Boehner Sees 'No Basis or Need' for ENDA

The speaker of the House told reporters he doesn't see any reason to enact federal laws protecting workers from getting fired for being LGBT.

Op-ed: Dear John (Boehner)

Why House Speaker John Boehner should allow a vote on ENDA.

Baldwin to Boehner: Just Bring ENDA Up for a Vote

The nation's first openly gay senator has a message for the Republican speaker of the House.