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Kansas Governor Vetoes Four Anti-Trans Bills; Republicans Will Try to Override

Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly said the bills, including a ban on gender-affirming care for minors, would strip away rights and hurt the state's economy.

Kansas Passes Anti-Trans Sports Bill, Overriding Governor's Veto

The override of Gov. Laura Kelly's veto succeeded with the votes of most Republicans and one Democrat.

Kansas Governor Vetoes Anti-Trans Sports Bill for Third Consecutive Year

Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly said the bill is "unnecessary and divisive." But legislators may try to override her veto.

Jesus Super Bowl Commercials Funded by Group With Anti-LGBTQ+ Ties

In an effort to rebrand Jesus, a Kansas-based group aired the spots during the game.

Gay Native American Sharice Davids Reelected to U.S. House

Davids was the first gay Native American in Congress and is the only Democrat in Kansas's congressional delegation.

Kansas School District OK's Anti-Trans Restroom, Sports Policy

The Gardner Edgerton School District  has barred transgender students from participating on sports teams that align with their gender identity and using their preferred restrooms.

This Bisexual Kansas Legislator Wants to Get Stuff Done

Bisexual Kansas state legislator Heather Meyer says she wants to "get sh*t done."

Teacher Who Sued School District After Deadnaming Student Gets $95K

A Kansas court ruled that a school must pay a teacher $95,000 after she was suspended for refusing to call a student by their preferred pronouns and name.

Abortion Rights Win in Kansas

Voters Tuesday rejected a a move to amend the Kansas constitution to say it does not guarantee the right to abortion in the state. 

GOP Senator Considers Blocking School Meal Funding Over LGBTQ+ Rights

Sen. Roger Marshall said he may obstruct the funds due to new guidance by the Biden administration that bans LGBTQ+ discrimination in programs receiving federal nutrition funds.

Teacher Free to Misgender & Out Students Following Trump Judge Ruling

Kansas math teacher Pamela Ricard sued the school district, claiming that the policy of using students' preferred pronouns violated her "religious freedom."

Kansas Anti-Trans Sports Bill Officially Dead

The state's House of Representatives has failed to override Gov. Laura Kelly's veto of the measure.

Kansas Lawmaker Objects to 'Huge Transgender Female' in Restroom

Republican Rep. Cheryl Helmer also falsely claimed trans people are predators and denounced gender-affirmation surgery.

Kansas Gov. Vetoes Anti-Trans Sports Bill, 'Parents' Rights' Measure

It's the second consecutive year that Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly has vetoed a trans-exclusionary sports till.

North Dakota, Kansas Governors Veto Anti-Trans Sports Bills

Two governors -- one a Republican, one a Democrat -- have stood up to the harmful measures.


As Anti-Trans Bills Advance, Kansas Governor Implies Veto Likely

"We don't want to go down that road," Democrat Laura Kelly says as an anti-trans bill awaits her action and similar measures advance in other states.

2 More Anti-Trans Bills Advance: 'Alpha Males Must Defend Our Ladies'

Kansas and Alabama follow the lead of states like South Dakota and Mississippi.

Stephanie Byers Wins to Become Kansas's 1st Trans Elected Official

As member of the Chickasaw Nation, Byers pulled off another national first. 

Out Candidates Advance in Washington, Kansas, and Michigan Primaries

In November, Washington could elect an out lieutenant governor, Kansas its first trans state legislator, and Michigan its first out member of Congress.

Kansas Town Bans LGBTQ Bias, Will Investigate Antigay Politician

An activist who backed the new law says he felt his job was threatened when Olathe City Council member Karin Brownlee complained to his employer.