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Larry Kramer

Read the latest news about Larry Kramer, a legendary gay rights activist and one of the founders of ACT UP, the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power, which has risen to become a leading HIV and AIDS advocacy organization. Kramer, a Yale graduate, has a body of written work that includes the controversial novel Faggots as well as The Normal Heart, a play that reenacts the early days of the AIDS crisis in the United States. Learn more about Kramer and other advocates who are helping to advance the cause of equality for LGBT and HIV-positive Americans.

Larry Kramer's Loud, Proud Activism Remains Necessary

We need positive disruptors to remind us the status quo isn't working.

Read Peter Staley's Brutally Honest Eulogy for Larry Kramer

"To this day, gay men carry the added burden of a society that sexually shames us. Larry played a part in this."

Larry Kramer Wasn't Kind and Cuddly. He Was Effective

He was also a survivor, a Cassandra, and a legendary hero.

Larry Kramer's Anger Is Essential in Historic 'Plague' Speech

In 1991, Kramer delivered a now-famous speech about apathy in the face of the AIDS epidemic. 

Leaders in Health, HIV, LGBTQ+ Rights React to Larry Kramer's Death

The world mourned one of the biggest heroes of the last 40 years.


Larry Kramer, Towering Figure of Aggressive AIDS Activism, Dead at 84

Kramer was a founder of GMHC and ACT UP, and one of the leading voices calling for action against HIV and AIDS.

50 Years, 50 Heroes: Marc Malkin Honors Larry Kramer

Journalist Marc Malkin honors HIV activist and playwright Larry Kramer for The Advocate's 50th Anniversary.

Lessons Learned: Silence Still Equals Death

The AIDS crisis offers a blueprint for LGBT people fearing a hostile administration.

NIH to HIV-Positive People: 'DROP DEAD'

Thirty-five years of an AIDS epidemic, and there's no cure? That is inexcusable, Larry Kramer tells the National Institutes of Health.


On National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, Larry Kramer reminds us of the importance of anger, outrage, hope, and love.

Larry Kramer on Stonewall: 'Don't Listen to the Crazies'

The HIV activist advised the gay filmmaker to take criticism and a threat to boycott the film with a grain of salt.

Pioneer, Prophet, Provocateur Larry Kramer Revealed

A new HBO documentary debuting June 29 focuses on the life and work of the one and only Larry Kramer, the firebrand at the center of HIV/AIDS activism.

'Genocide Is Being Inflicted on Gay People'

The HIV activist gave an impassioned speech calling for a cure for the virus at a Gay Men's Health Crisis gala.

Kramer on Kramer

On the publishing of his magnum opus, The American People, famed author Andrew Holleran asks our angriest activist all that he has learned.

WATCH: Matt Bomer's Moving Speech for Globes Win

Bomer won a Golden Globe for his role in HBO's The Normal Heart.


AIDS, Interrupted

Though there are fearless AIDS documentaries and TV movies being made now, it seems only decades of distance allows Hollywood studios to tackle the topic.

Op-ed: That Time My Dad Made Me Go To Pride

From a closeted teenager boy to a proud grown man, Wes Janisen has grown up with the community.