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Did Mormon-Owned Brigham Young University Lift Ban on Same-Sex Kisses?

Students are celebrating a new "Honor Code" without the ban, but some fear the school will still punish such actions.

Watch the Impactful 'Same Love' Performance They Tried to Stop

Macklemore and Mary Lambert performed despite a right-wing effort that tried to shut it down. 

Ellen Asks Macklemore to Perform Anti-Trump Anthem

The singer tears into Trump's rhetoric in his new song "Wednesday Morning."

Kenyan Creators of 'Same Love' Remix Are 'Living in Fear'

In an exclusive email to The Advocate, the creators behind the video said one actor has already fled the country, fearing arrest or attack.

Macklemore Takes Aim at Miley Cyrus in 'White Privilege II'

The pansexual singer is called out in one of the song's verses about cultural appropriation.

PHOTOS: This Year's Seattle Pride Came With Surprises

Seattle celebrates Pride with help from George Takei and a surprise appearance by Macklemore.

WATCH: Christian Rapper's Antigay Answer to 'Same Love'

Texas rapper Bizzle uses the instrumental hook from Macklemore's 'Same Love' to say that LGBT people are sinful, violent, and just like pedophiles.

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Rants About Grammy Gay Weddings

Colbert wonders how many couples may have been inadvertently 'gay married' at the Grammys.

WATCH: Queen Latifah Takes Us Backstage at Weddings

The talk show host gave her viewers a behind the scenes peek at the historic marriage ceremonies of the Grammys on The Queen Latifah Show.

Op-ed: Some Tough Love for 'Same Love'

Comedian Cameron Esposito explains why even after a historic moment at the 2014 Grammys, we still have a long road ahead for equality.

Best Tweets: Gayest Grammys Anyone Could Imagine

Here are our favorite tweets from a night crammed with "Same Love."

WATCH: Couples Pledge 'Same Love' at Grammys

Queen Latifah officiated the vows as Macklemore, Mary Lambert, and Madonna provided the music.

WATCH: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Surprise New York City Bus Commuters

Commuting by bus in New York City stinks -- unless there's a free concert involved.

Person of the Year: The Finalists

Person of the Year Finalists: We limited ourselves to selecting the 10 who were most influential on LGBT lives this year, and the resulting list of consequential figures represents the best of 2013.

N.C. Teacher Suspended for Showing 'Same Love'

Yet another teacher has gotten in hot water after playing Macklemore's hit song in support of marriage equality in class.

Eighth-Graders Surprise Gay Teacher With Heartwarming Video

An out eighth-grade teacher from Ontario shares a heartwarming story about how two students in his 'tough' class insisted on playing Macklemore's LGBT-positive music video 'Same Love' in his honor.

Macklemore on Teacher Suspended for Playing His Song in Class

The chart-topping artist came to the defense of a Michigan middle school teacher who was suspended for playing 'Same Love' in a performing arts class. 

Michigan Teacher Suspended for Playing Gay-Themed Song in Class

A performing arts teacher in South Lyon, Mich., was suspended for three days after she allowed a student to play hip-hop artist Macklemore's song about being gay, called "Same Love," in her class last week.