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The Advocate's New Virtual Series Speaks to LGBTQ Celebs at Home


Shared LGBTQ history, humanity, and humor are unifying factors for many right now. As we open new doors to communication and engagement with one another, The Advocate is committed to telling our stories past and present and to celebrating our collective pride.

For many queer people, Pride is a monumental time of expression, celebration, and protest. It expands beyond just a march, parade, or festival we attend every June. For us, it’s all year long and should remain all year long. That is exactly what our new initiative, "Pride 365," intends to achieve.

As part of "Pride 365," we'll  produce thought-provoking and cutting-edge content that spotlights not only our individual stories but our collective human spirit.

This month, we're introducing Inside With The Advocate, a series featuring an array of virtual stories with some of our favorite LGBTQ artists, trailblazers, and allies. We invite you to join us as we chat with the likes of Rosie O’Donnell, Emily Hampshire, Leslie Jordan, Ross Mathews, Kalen Allen, Sherry Cola, Fortune Feimster, Bruce Richman, Tonatiuh, Harvey Guillén, and more about our shared LGBTQ history and what unites us. 

Join the conversation at @TheAdvocateMag and #Pride365!

Circle back to this page throughout the month to see the latest updates. 

Watch the full interview with Rosie O'Donnell HERE

Watch the full interview with Kalen Allen HERE

Watch the full interview with Harvey Guillén HERE.  

Watch the full interview of Tonatiuh HERE

Watch the full Fortune Feimster interview HERE

Watch the full Sherry Cola interview HERE

Watch the full Bruce Richman interview HERE


Catch up on all of the episodes of Inside With the Advocate, which features an array of virtual stories with LGBTQ+ artists, trailblazers, and allies. Interviews include Rosie O'Donnell, Emily Hampshire, Harvey Guillén, Ross Mathews, Kalen Allen, Sherry Cola, Fortune Feimster, Brandy Norwood, Bruce Richman, Tonatiuh, Josh Thomas, Ser Anzoategui, the Indigo Girls, Sara Benincasa, Dustin Lance Black, Alphonso David, Jonica "Jojo" Gibbs, Lena Hall, Mary Lambert, Elijah Mack, Rahne Jones, Thomas Beattie, and Quintessa Swindell and Brianna Hildebrand, Andy Bell, Charlie Carver and Kat Cunning


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