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Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee: LGBTQ Rights Are 'Biggest Threat' to U.S.

He draws a straight line from the rise of divorce to trans protections, too. 

The New Nashville Took a Stand Against Mike Huckabee's Hate

The country music industry is turning against homophobia, writes Joey Amato.

Read Mike Huckabee's Response to Being Chased Off CMA Board: 'Hate Wins'

The former governor of Arkansas is angry there are repercussions for bad behavior.

Country Music Org. Boots Homophobe Mike Huckabee Off Board

Amid outcry, Huckabee resigned from the CMA Foundation's board of directors one day after he was elected.

Mike Huckabee Fined $25K for Playing "Eye of the Tiger" at Kim Davis Rally

The former presidential candidate, who is still settling up his campaign debts, had to pay it off in two installments.

Ted Cruz Wins Iowa Republican Caucus

The staunchly antigay Ted Cruz has won the Iowa Republican caucus.

Republicans Ramp Up Homophobia as Iowa Caucuses

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and others are appealing to prejudices.

GOP UNDERCARD DEBATE: Digs at Media, Clinton, Obama

Carly Fiorina gets personal toward Hillary Clinton, and Jim Gilmore participates in only his second debate.

WATCH: Mike Huckabee's Adele Parody Is Iowinsane

Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign released an Iowa-themed parody video of Adele's 'Hello' that'll make you want to say 'Goodbye.'

Mike Huckabee Won't Court the Gay Dollar Like Ted Cruz

It seems no one on either side of the aisle is pleased with Sen. Ted Cruz's 2015 fundraiser hosted at the home of two prominent out New York businessmen.

GOP DEBATE: Huckabee, Santorum, Fiorina Blast Dems

Plus: Carly Fiorina takes a shot at Hillary Clinton's marriage; Mike Huckabee urges Americans to pray; Rick Santorum talks about children's need for a mother and father.

WATCH: Mike Huckabee Loses It Defending Duggars

The Republican presidential candidate is taking another stand for admitted child molester Josh Duggar and his huge family.

LISTEN: Huckabee Thinks He'd Be Too Effective

Because he'd end same-sex marriage and abortion, religious right groups wouldn't be able to use those issues in fundraising, Mike Huckabee contends.

Six GOP Candidates Pledge to Discriminate

The candidates are endorsing the First Amendment Defense Act, which would prohibit the federal government from stopping discrimination by people or businesses.

GOP Undercard Debate: U.S. in Danger of Another 9/11

The candidates in the early debate claim President Obama hasn't done enough to fight terrorism, but they also decry Donald Trump's call to keep Muslims from immigrating to the U.S.

WATCH: Antigay Pastor Rants Against Dumbledore

Even gay, fictional characters are enough to anger this noted homophobic Colorado pastor.

Don't Be Fooled by This 'Religious Liberty' Conference

GOP candidates are joining a conference featuring those who want 'religious liberty' to execute gays.

DEBATE: Prime-Time Event Mostly on Economy, But LGBT Issues Come Up

Ben Carson gets quizzed on being a board member for LGBT-friendly Costco; others tout 'family values' cred, denounce Democrats and the media.

WATCH: Mike Huckabee Says He Hasn’t ‘Disparaged’ Gays

Mike Huckabee forgets all of his past antigay rhetoric in a new interview with CNBC.

Mike Huckabee: Boycott Anti-Christian Doritos

The former governor turned Republican presidential candidate is outraged at the company's partnering with Dan Savage, which technically it didn't do.