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Brandi Carlile Offers Hope With Moving Version of 'Over the Rainbow'

Brandi Carlile

As part of a series of videos intended to offer some solace at this time, out author Glennon Doyle asked Brandi Carlile for a song of hope.

In response to the request, Carlile, who picked up three Grammy Awards in 2018, finally receiving the recognition she’s long deserved for her song “The Joke” and the album, By the Way, I Forgive You, performs a churned-down version of the  Judy Garland classic from The Wizard of Oz — “Over the Rainbow.”

“When Glennon reached out to me and asked me to send in a song that made me feel hopeful about the world and that would make other people feel hopeful too, I thought of the most revolutionary and punk rock song ever written,” Carlile says in the video. “So, I’m sending this one out to you with hope and love.”

Watch Carlile below.

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