opposition challenges same-sex marriage

A Spanish
opposition leader said Monday that his party will file a
legal appeal against the government's recently passed
law legalizing same-sex marriage. Angel Acebes,
secretary-general of the Popular Party, parliament's
main opposition bloc, said his party would challenge the law
in court, arguing it is unconstitutional.

Spain, where
Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion, on June 30
became the world's third country to legalize same-sex
marriage, following the Netherlands and Belgium.
Canada has since become the fourth. "The Popular Party
has no doubts—and never has had any, as we've made
clear—as to the unconstitutionality of this law
that the government has promoted," Acebes said. "We
have instructed our legal services and lawyers to
formulate an appeal."

A majority of
political parties and—according to opinion
surveys—most Spaniards back the law. The
Catholic Church and the conservative Popular Party
have fiercely opposed it. (AP)

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