California won't
revisit marriage bill until 2007

California won't
            revisit marriage bill until 2007

California state
assembly speaker Fabian Nunez says that when the
legislature reconvenes in January, a bill permitting
same-sex marriage will not be on the agenda. Nunez
told reporters that the legislative push for same-sex
marriage will be tabled until 2007.
This summer the Democrat-controlled legislature
passed AB 849 legalizing same-sex marriage, only to
see it vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last
month. The governor's veto was widely praised by
conservative groups that seek to outlaw same-sex
marriage as well as existing domestic-partnership
rights in the state with ballot initiatives next June
and November.
The bill's sponsor, San Francisco Democrat Mark
Leno, told the Bay Area Reporter newspaper
that "the singular focus in the coming year will
be the defeat of proposed constitutional amendments,
and any thought of reintroducing the bill should be
considered in light of those amendments."
Gay rights advocates in the legislature may also
be hoping to wait out Schwarzenegger's term in office.
The two top Democratic candidates for California
governor, state controller Steve Westly and state treasurer
Phil Angelides, both support marriage equality for same-sex
couples. If either defeats Schwarzenegger in November
2006 and the legislature passes Leno's bill again in
2007, same-sex marriage would likely be a reality in
California. (Steve Valentino, Sirius OutQ News)

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