Gay groups in
Taiwan to set up "Rainbow Republic"

Gay groups in
Taiwan are so angry that the government is not protecting
their rights, they plan to set up a country for gay men and
lesbians called the Rainbow Republic, Deutsche
Presse-Agentur reported Friday.
They aren't joking. Even the new government's
logo will be the rainbow flag.
"We will begin preparations next year and start
by renting an office to house the government of the
Rainbow Republic. The Rainbow Republic will have a
parliament, a foreign ministry, and court to register gay
marriages," Chan Ming-chou, director-general of the Taiwan
Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Association, told
reporters at a news conference. "The republic
will issue identity cards to Taiwan homosexuals and
work toward promoting gay rights in Taiwan."
Chan criticized Taiwan's government for taking
back its 2001 promise to legalize marriage for
same-sex couples. "So we do not harbor any hopes
anymore. We refuse to accept the jurisdiction of the Taiwan
government and will found our own country and government to
protect our rights," he told the wire service.
Despite Taiwan gay rights activists' complaints,
Taiwan is ahead of most Asian countries in the area of
gay rights. The island has one gay bookstore, one gay
hotline, and dozens of gay rights groups, according to
the wire service. The Taiwan government has drafted the
Human Rights Basic Law, which will legalize marriage
for gay and lesbian couples. If passed, the measure
will make Taiwan the first Asian country to legalize
same-sex marriage. (

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