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Paper Finds
Controversial Northwestern Researcher Acted

Paper Finds
Controversial Northwestern Researcher Acted

An ethics scholar at Northwestern University published a paper this summer claiming that controversial scholar and author J. Michael Bailey acted appropriately while researching his 2003 book about transsexuals, The Man Who Would Be Queen, according to an article in The Daily Northwestern.

Alice Dreger wrote in the report that critics conducted a smear campaign intended to ruin Bailey, also a professor at Northwestern, because they disagreed with the basic findings of his book.

"I am led by what I find to be true, not what I find to be popular," Dreger told the newspaper.

In his book Bailey states that male-to-female transsexuals are either "homosexual transsexuals," inherently feminine men who are attracted to men, or "autogynephilic transsexuals," men who are aroused by the thought of having a woman's body.

Transsexual activists Lynn Conway, Deirdre McCloskey, and Andrea James have questioned Bailey's findings and research methods, claiming he refused to interview subjects who would disprove his theories. They attempted to have the book disqualified from consideration for a literature award and wanted Bailey investigated for reportedly practicing psychology without a license.

The more serious allegations, however, came from Bailey's sources. Two transsexuals included in the book -- Anjelica Kieltyka and a woman referred to as "Juanita"-- claimed that Bailey wrote about them without their permission. Juanita further alleged that Bailey had sexual relations with her while conducting research for the book.

An ethics board began investigating Bailey's work in 2004 but never released its findings.

Bailey continues to conduct sex research at Northwestern. He is now studying 1,000 pairs of gay brothers to explore the link between genes and sexual orientation.

Kieltyka, who was a friend of Bailey's for 10 years, said she believes he is part of a broad conspiracy. In attempting to find a genetic cause for homosexuality, she said, his research implies that it is a disease that should be cured. She told The DailyNorthwesternshe plans to file a civil suit against Dreger for fraud. (The Advocate)

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