Obama Considers
Gay Ally for Running Mate

The blogosphere is abuzz with speculation that Lt. Gen.
Claudia J. Kennedy, a retired three-star general, is
one of a dozen people under consideration to accompany
presidential hopeful Barack Obama to the polls this
November. According to PinkNews
, Europe’s largest
gay news service, Kennedy has supported campaigns
to overturn "don’t ask, don’t tell."

consideration for running mate could appeal to many
different groups, reports PinkNews
. Former supporters of
Hillary Clinton could align themselves with Obama should
he choose a woman as his running mate.

Kennedy’s military record is also part of
the equation, as American voters have a history of
electing military leaders to political positions.
Kennedy served in the Army for 30 years and has a background
in Army Intelligence, reports PinkNews

According to PinkNews
, Kennedy served as an
adviser during John Kerry’s unsuccessful 2004
campaign and endorsed Hillary Clinton for the
Democratic presidential nomination this year. (

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