N.C. Governor Says Ban Would Harm Long List of People

N.C. Governor Says Ban Would Harm Long List of People

With days before a vote on an amendment to the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage, North Carolina's outgoing governor has issued her most stinging rebuke of the idea yet.

"The amendment, I believe is dangerous for women," says Bev Perdue a a video message posted online. "There is a real risk that some of the laws we have on the books now to protect the victims of domestic violence may no longer apply to many women in this state."

Perdue, a Democrat, could be fitting Amendment One in with a larger national narrative of policies being pressed by Republicans against women, a key demographic group in the presidential election. But she also outlines how the proposal harms children, unmarried couples and others. In the past, she's said it will harm the economy.

"Writing discrimination into North Carolina's constitution is just plain wrong," she said, promising a vote against it May 8.

Watch her complete message below. And Perdue will reportedly follow it up with a "major" speech against the amendment today in North Carolina. 

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